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Imagine not having to chase leads or even ask for referrals.

Instead, what if a small group of elite professionals from neighboring industries regularly invited you into their client consultations to serve their clients? What if these introductions were to your ideal clients?

Imagine if you enjoyed a consistent flow of these kinds of introductions week after week, month after month, year after year. Imagine how enjoyable and profitable your business would become.

You might ask: “Is this even possible?”

With the help of ProInsight’s (PI) Certification, the answer is “YES!”

Whether you’re looking for more clients, or if you are looking to replace your bottom 20% of clients with more profitable ones, the PI Certification™ is the fastest path to a better and more profitable business.

Hear from those who have been applying what we teach:

If you are...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is ProInsight™?

ProInsight™ is a digital platform that supports and trains nationwide, like-kind professional referral networks. 

Professionals rest on this digital platform, which serves as a B2B hub to find and be found by 10% of professionals from service-based industries in nearly every county of the United States. 

Who are ProInsight™ members?

Our members include real estate agents, financial advisors, CPAs, mortgage loan officers, insurance agents, commercial real estate brokers, commercial lenders, bankers, attorneys, property managers, accommodators (1031), remodelers, and contractors. 

What makes ProInsight™ members so effective?

While many professionals believe that the apex of all professional relationships is referrals, we help our professionals take their collaboration to another level. Our professionals are trained in proprietary service models that foster uncommon cross-industry collaboration. 

They become a part of a Wealth Advisory Team™ in their local community and learn to integrate their marketing and client servicing with other professionals. This allows the facilitation of professional introductions and an improved experience for their respective clients. In summary, ProInsight™ is elevating the influence of service industry professionals, facilitating their ability to more easily acquire–and better serve–their ideal clients.

How long is the PI Certification™?

The PI Certification™ is 6-hours of the best cross-industry referral training on the market. “This value was 10X the price,” is what we often hear from those who go through the certification. 

What other costs are associated with the initial PI Certification?

The PI Certification™ includes your first year on the ProInsight™ platform. To continue on the platform, the cost is $25/month.

What are the additional benefits of ProInsight™ Membership?

Here are a few:

Weekly ongoing education, including Best of Class Interviews with those who are having the most success on the platform, step-by-step instructions on how to build a Wealth Advisory Team™ and perform joint events, which seamlessly facilitates integration

A featured property, giving you and your clients additional investment opportunities.

Access to our AI Chatbot giving you 24-hour access to ProInsight’s intellectual propert and best-practices.

Proprietary  database diagnostic and CRM, giving an always-updaetd number reflecting our real estate assets under management.

Professional exclusivity in your zip code on the ProInsight™ national referral network. This includes a customizable business profile on the ProInsight™ referral app, allowing you to search for–and be searched by–top, certified professionals in every zip code across the country. 

Is there someone that I can talk to in order to learn more?

Each week, Justin Stoddart, the CEO of ProInsight™ does a 15-minute overview and Q&A to get your questions answered. You can add this to your calendar by clicking HERE