ProInsight (PI) Certification™

While many professionals believe that the apex of all professional relationships is referrals, we help you take it to another level. We do not seek for just referrals. Instead, we help professionals to integrate their businesses into the client experiences of their ideal professional partners. This creates more clients, better clients, better margins, easier client acquisition, and a superior client experience.

Completing the PI Certification™ is the catalyst for making this possible and also a necessary step to gain access to our elite and exclusive professional network.

Secure your territory within our national network of PI Certified Professionals

If you qualify, we will train you through the PI Certification and our ongoing education how to become integrated into the businesses of professionals in neighboring industries. The outcome for you will be a minimum of two professional introductions to your ideal clients each and every month.

The ProInsight PI Certification teaches you how to:

Becoming More Referable

Aligning with professionals from other industries who share your ideal clients allows you to enjoy significant economies of scale. We train you how to add such value to these professionals and their clients that they want to include you in their client experience.

Creating Powerful Partnerships

You will identify professionals whose current clients will naturally become your next clients. You will be brought into the client experience of aligned professionals. You will have permission to stop spending so much time and money marketing to strangers.

Building Your Wealth Advisory™

You will surround yourself with those whose clients need you next. You’ll be appreciated and welcomed into the client conversations of aligned professionals. You’ll be able to cut out all of the wasted time of traditional professional networking and get right to delivering value to your clients.

Serving with your Wealth Advisory Team™

You will be promoted and edified in front of your Wealth Advisory Team’s clients.
You will enjoy the economies of scale without the burden of promoting your own events.
You will easily access and implement the best-of-class practices from a national network of professionals in your business vertical.

Build your Wealth Advisory Team™ in 30 days.


Justin Stoddart | ProInsight CEO

Justin Stoddart is a former luxury home builder and land developer and has has always had a keen eye for business opportunities. He quickly rose to become a Top 1% Title Industry Producer, proving his ability to help his clients achieve remarkable results. Justin has also authored an international best-selling book, “The Upstream Model,” which has helped countless relationship-based readers leverage his strategies for explosive business growth. As the host of “Think Bigger Real Estate,” a top 1% podcast, Justin shares his insights and connects with other industry leaders to offer listeners a unique perspective into the world of real estate. Justin’s personal life is a tribute to his biggest priorities–family. He is a devoted husband to his superhero wife and father to six amazing humans. Justin Stoddart is a true inspiration and a valuable asset to anyone seeking to grow their business and improve their life. 

Justin Stoddart, ProInsight CEO
Don Yoakum, Founder of ProInsight

Don Yoakum | ProInsight Founder

As a successful real estate leader, Don Yoakum has a proven track record of success in building brokerages that generate substantial profits. His impressive sales record includes selling 51 homes in his first year in the industry. Over the years, Don has built ten brokerages for KW, including one that became the most profitable KW office in the world. He currently leads the fastest-growing sales team of almost 900 agents at his current real estate brokerage.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Don is a three-time national windsurfing champion and member of the US Olympic Windsurfing team. He also won a windsurfing World title, highlighting his perseverance and dedication to achieving his goals. Don is also a devoted family man and brings his strong values to his leadership approach. As a master connector and networker, Don is passionate about helping others grow their businesses and regularly shares his expertise with others.