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Receiving referrals from other professionals has always been a bit of a Herculean effort... until now. Instead, the goal should be business integration.
Justin Stoddard Podcast PI Certification

Justin Stoddart, CEO of ProInsight, introduces a certification program to do just that. The Professional Integrity Certification, “PI Certification,” replaces 20% of less lucrative clients with top engagers, increasing profits all the while!

Justin examines the current buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), its risks, and how professionals can harness technology for maximum growth and power, rather than relying solely on AI. The PI Certification leverages technology as an asset, empowering professionals to build a bulletproof business in any market.

The six-hour PI Certification course teaches real estate professionals to conduct business through referral relationships with other professionals by:

  • Becoming More Referable: Learn strategies to position your firm as the go-to provider.
  • Developing Powerful Partnerships: Find professionals whose current clients may become your next ones, freeing yourself from time-consuming and costly marketing.
  • Building Your Wealth Advisory Team: Align with those whose clients need your expertise next, cutting wasted time in traditional networking.
  • Growing Your Wealth Advisory Team and Promoting Yourself Before Clients: Showcase yourself to your wealth advisory team’s clients and access best-in-class practices quickly.

Tired of traditional methods or want to outpace big tech’s reach? The PI Certification offers an incredible opportunity. Break away from conventional methods and rise above big tech’s margin-compressing grasp with the PI Certification. Watch the video or listen to the podcast to see how creating unique experiences in your marketplace can become highly valued – whether you’re a real estate agent, financial advisor, or other professional. This certification could unlock doors of success for YOU.

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