Opportunities in Today’s Real Estate Market

Justin Stoddart Podcast Opportunities in Today's Real Estate Market with Todd Pigott

Todd Pigott has been featured on local news programs, as a speaker for CMA, California’s largest organizations for private money lenders, as a speaker at mortgage schools on the topic of profiting on distressed assets, and has been a featured guest on the national TV news programs, “Moving America Forward” hosted by William Shatner.

More Referrals for Professionals

Justin Stoddart Training More Referrals For Professionals

In this episode, we’re going to talk about real estate agent referral partners and we’re going to uncover the secrets behind it.

Build A Client-Consistent Brand

Justin Stoddart Podcast Build A Client-Consistent Brand

In this episode, we welcome Tia Lilly, the Founder/Broker Owner of Property Cape Cod Real Estate to discuss about brand building.

Database Marketing

Justin Stoddart Podcast Database Marketing with Dan Demott

Dan Demott, an esteemed real estate coach and the owner of the Home Source Team.

The PI Certification

Justin Stoddard Podcast PI Certification

Receiving referrals from other professionals has always been a bit of a Herculean effort… until now. Instead, the goal should be business integration.