Leading A Real Estate Team

Justin Stoddart Podcast Leading A Real Estate Team with Heather Mansy

In this episode, I interview Heather Mansy of the Mansy Real Estate Group, uncovering enlightening insights about succeeding by leading others to a better and brighter future.

Attracting Talent

Justin Stoddart Podcast Attracting Talent with Courtney Twiss

Join me as we learn together from top real estate team leader, Courtney Twiss.

Reduce Your Taxes

Justin Stoddart Podcast Reducing Your Taxes with Melissa Broughton

The tax system (as it currently stands) is rigged and not in the average taxpayer’s favor. Today I introduce you to a dynamic duo (Accountant and Tax Ninja) to teach you simple strategies to reduce your taxes by as much as 30%.

Finding Your Unique Competitive Advantage

Justin Stoddart Podcast Finding Your Unique Competitive Advantage with Mark Charlton

Mark Charlton has personally closed over $1B in volume as a mortgage loan officer and now leads Vision Mortgage. Outside of his career, he and his wife Colby, are the proud parents of three beautiful children.

Creating Deep Client Connections

Justin Stoddart Podcast Creating Deep Client Connections with Karl Becker

Karl Becker has founded and run numerous companies over the last thirty years and runs Improving Sales Performance, a consultancy that supports sales organizations in building high-performing teams and achieving their revenue goals.

Real Estate Syndication 101

Justin Stoddart Podcast Real Estate Syndication 101 with Sujata Shyam

Join me and the Founder of Luxe Capital, Sujata Shyam, as we discuss the basics of real estate syndication investing.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Justin Stoddart Podcast Long-Term Client Relationships with Matthew Hansen

This episode will feature Matthew Hansen who has helped over 1000 business owners unlock the magic of giving strategic gifts that make you stand out and be remembered.

Working Through Adversity

Justin Stoddart Podcast Working Through Adversity with Athena Brownson

In this episode, I’ll dive into the principles of overcoming when it feels like the odds are stacked against you.